14 February 2021 Sermon Helps (Kids/Youth)

11am On-line Service 14 February 2021

Dear GCBC Parents:

Our sermon this week is on Isaiah 43, where the prophet, Isaiah, shares with the Israelites a message from the Lord. God reveals much of himself to the Israelites in these verses. We learn that he is the one and only God, and there is no one like him (vv 10, 12). We also learn that he is eternal, secure, and sovereign (v 13). Isaiah addresses the Israelites as created by the Lord (v 1), and then God reminds them of this as well (vv 7, 15). The Lord also comforts Israel in reminding them that he chose them and is their saviour (vv 1-3, 11). And God makes several promises to Israel:  to be with them (vv 2, 5), to do something new (v 19), to refresh them (v 20), and to blot out their sins (v 25).

As believers today, we can be encouraged by these verses as well. The Israelites were God’s chosen people in the past, and we are his chosen people today. Talk with your children about what we learn about God from these verses (see above). How does knowing these things encourage our faith? How can we tell others about our amazing God? Finally, praise God with your children that he counts us as precious and honoured and that he loves us (v 4).

God Bless,



Bible Project video on “Loyal Love” (a good reminder of God’s love for us and timely in that Sunday is Valentine’s Day, a time when lots of people might be thinking about love) – https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/loyal-love