31 January 2021 Sermon Helps (Kids/Youth/Adults)

11am On-line Service 31 January 2021

Dear GCBC:

Rom 5v12-21 Handout

Parents: Sunday’s service will be focused on Romans 5:12-21. I am attaching a link to pages from the book, The Ology, by Marty Machowski which explain original sin inherited from Adam. These pages can be used to help talk with your children and teenagers about how we are all born sinful. Romans 5:12-21 speak to how Adam brought death and sin to all of us, and this is our biggest problem.

Thankfully these verses in Romans also speak to how Jesus brought reconciliation (being made right) with God and life everlasting to all of us. By the grace of God, we are made right with him as we believe and trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Some good questions to discuss as a family would be…What is sin? When Adam disobeyed God, what did that mean for the rest of us? What is grace? When Jesus obeyed God, what did that mean for the rest of us?

Lastly, think about a time when you felt the burden of your sin nature. How does believing in Jesus change the weight of that burden? Share this with your children and teenagers to let them know how your faith impacts your life.

As always, I hope and pray you continue to have meaningful conversations about faith with your family. May God bless you as you continue to trust in him!

God Bless,


The Ology – Sin of Adam