Baptist Women Opportunities Online

Hello women of GCBC,
We received the following email from Gail Curry, the Baptists Women’s Director. Baptist Women will have several valuable offerings online over the next 3 months. Please take a moment and read the email below from Gail. If you have any additional questions please contact Mandy.

Baptist Women will be running an eight week online course on ‘Contentment’ by Melissa Kruger commencing Monday 11 January 2021 at 8pm.  The cost for the course is £10 and registration is through this link:

The Baptist Women’s Spring Conference will on Saturday 6 March at 10am over Zoom.  The speaker is Carol Watson from Cavan Baptist and she will speak on the book of Philippians.  The cost for the conference is £5 and registration is through this link

Gail Curry

Baptist Women’s Director