Sermon Handout Week 1

Sermon Reflection Questions from Romans 1v1-7

1:1-7 – Reflection Questions

  1. The word used in verse 1 for “bond-servant” is the Greek word doulo” (doulos). Read the article below in order to gain a sense of what the word meant in Paul’s day. Do you see the force of the word? Could you honestly say about yourself what Paul said about himself? Why or why not?

Traditionally, “servant.” Though doulo” (doulos) is normally translated “servant,” the word

does not bear the connotation of a free man serving another.… The most accurate translation is “bondservant” (sometimes found in the ASV for doulo”), in that it often indicates one who sells himself into slavery to another. But as this is archaic, few today understand its force.

  1. Verses 2-4 set up some very important themes regarding (1) the purpose of the Old Testament and (2) the nature of Jesus Christ. Can you think of any Old Testament texts that point to the coming of the Gospel and Jesus Christ?
  1. Why does Paul mention that Jesus was born “of a descendent of David” and that He was “declared the Son of God with power by the resurrection?” Is this important? What are some other texts that mention the humanity of Jesus? His Deity?
  1. Verse 5 states, “through [Jesus Christ] we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles, for His name’s sake…” The phrase “obedience of faith” has been variously interpreted. How do you think we should understand it?
  2. How can we use Paul’s summary of the gospel in talking with people who haven’t heard this good news before?
  3. Verse 7 mentions the recipients of the letter. Who are they and where are they located? Can we tell anything else about them from this verse?
  4. How will you apply these verses to your life?
  5. How might you pray differently for the GCBC church family this week having studied these verses?