13 June 2021 Sermon Helps (Adults/Kids/Youth)

11am Service 13 June 2021

Romans 11:11-24 Sermon Outline

Dear GCBC Parents:

This week’s sermon covers Romans 11:11-24 as we continue to look at the implications for God’s chosen people in the Old Testament, the Israelites. Paul speaks to the Israelites rejecting God, God offering salvation to the Gentiles, and the ability for God to bring lost Israel back to Himself.

Following are some good questions and ideas to discuss as a family:

  • What part might God want you and me to play in the way back to Him for ethnic Israel? Paul says that our salvation will make them jealous in having received God’s grace. So how do we, as Christians, live lives that help point others to Jesus?
  • In verses 18-21, Paul warns the Gentiles to not be proud of their salvation or brag about it over others (specifically the Israelites). Sometimes we can think highly of ourselves because of our faith. We might even think of ourselves as more special than others. Do you think this attitude attracts others to Jesus? How can we kill this prideful attitude and remember that it is God alone by His grace alone that saves us?
  • Are there ways you behave or act which you might need to change in order that your life points others to Jesus? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you might need to change.

We are all sinners in need of salvation. We must maintain a high view of God and His power and sovereignty so as not to think too highly of ourselves. It is the loving salvation of God that will draw others to Him. Prayerfully, our lives will humbly continue to reflect this!

God Bless,



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