18 April 2021 Sermon Helps (Kids/Youth)

11am On-line Service 18 April 2021

Dear GCBC Parents:

The sermon today will cover Romans 8:18-30, and we will discover the hope of being glorified with Jesus in eternity as well as the work of intercession by the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The first verses speak to our sufferings on this earth not comparing to our future glory with Christ. We are in a waiting period of sorts until that day, and we wait with patient hope. I encourage you to talk with your children about ways we suffer. Ask them what suffering (pain, heartache, grief, et al) produces in them? What feelings, thoughts, and questions does it bring? How is Paul in these verses asking us to view suffering?

The next verses for today’s sermon speak to the intercessory work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Our sufferings may create in us weakness, and the Holy Spirit helps us in this by praying for us, interpreting our pains and presenting them to God the Father. What an encouragement for us and our children that when we suffer and don’t know how to pray, the Holy Spirit goes to the Father on our behalf. Ask your children how this makes them feel? Do they appreciate this work of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

Lastly, the final three verses for today, teach us that everything in our lives is for our ultimate good, as we will be glorified with Christ one day. This same thought from our first verses today comes back around again. Ask your children what they think about being glorified with Jesus one day? What would a perfect world look like? How do these verses strengthen our faith?

May the Lord bless you and give you wisdom as you disciple your children in His truth!

God Bless,



Bible Project video on Romans chapters 5-16 (the first 5 minutes cover chapters 5-8, which are relevant for today’s sermon) – https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/romans-5-16