2 May 2021 Sermon Helps (Kids/Youth)

11am On-line Service 2 May 2021

Dear GCBC Parents:

The next two weeks we’ll be discovering God’s sovereignty and reliability from Romans chapter 9. Our Scripture for this week will be Romans 9:1-13 where Paul speaks about God’s choosing the Israelites as His people to draw the nations to Himself.

A good question to ask your children might be, “What does it mean that God is in control?” I’ve attached a photo of pages 24 & 25 from Marty Machowski’s book, “The Ology.” There are several good verses listed there that you could use to discuss this question with your children.

For older children and teens, teach them the word “sovereignty.” Have them look it up in a dictionary and ask them what they think this means. What do they think this says about God? How can we believe this and trust in God’s sovereignty?

I pray you have good family discussions and that your own faith is strengthened as you talk with your children about spiritual truths. I pray also that you are encouraged in these days as we place our hope in our sovereign, reliable God.

God Bless,